Jewelry Care Information

Bracelet and Anklet Care: When taking off or putting on bracelets and anklets, it is best to try for a gentle roll as to not overstretch the elastic as much as possible. Removing jewelry before bathing, swimming, exercising, etc. etc. can improve longevity as well. That being said, I wear my jewelry 24/7, 365 so respectfully to each their own.
Measuring Bracelet and Anklet Size: A tape measure is the easiest tool to use for figuring out the desired size for a bracelet, anklet, etc. It is best to think about what would feel good for the purpose it is intended, some people like a tighter fit while others may prefer it looser. For anklets, the measurement will also depend on where it is intended to fall, like above versus below the ankle. A standard suggestion is wrist/ankle measurement plus 0.25-0.5 inches for comfort. 
Note on Tension: Sometimes there is tension between the elastic cord and inner bead, depending on the size of the bead hole, which can leave some elastic cord exposed as the beads scrunch up. No fear, things will self-adjust or try gently readjusting the beads between your fingers and back into place.
Earring Care: Earrings require a bit more TLC and should avoid contact with water. To support the integrity of the fringe, when not wearing it is best to hang the earrings or lay them flat. 
General Shop Information
Shipping Information: Items are ready to ship within a week.
Return Policy: As of right now, no returns or exchanges can be accepted but I acknowledge life happens and I am not perfect so feel free to reach out should you have an issue you want to bring up.  
Perfection is a Direction (and not the destination): Beads are unique and not always perfectly shaped or polished. Additionally capturing the true color of beads, especially gemstone beads, can be difficult so there may be slight differences between the photo and in-person.